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Passion & Dedication



The New Brunswick Young Farmers’ Forum (NBYFF) provides a voice for the young farmer community in New Brunswick.


Established in the spring of 2008, NBYFF fosters opportunities for member networking, communication and learning in a rapidly evolving agriculture industry.

Today, the organization aims to support a prosperous and robust agriculture industry in New Brunswick by facilitating communication among young farmers in the province, and across Canada. NBYFF works closely with other provincial young farmer groups as well as the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum, which serves as an umbrella organization.

How NBYFF works:

NBYFF welcomes young farmers 18 to 40 years of age as members.

Throughout each year, young farmer members gather for annual general meetings, professional and business development meetings, as well as agricultural tours and workshops. At these events, members acquire new contacts, skills and ideas that they can use to enhance the management of their farm businesses.

NBYFF Focuses

At a core level, young farmers need to master four key skills to become successful farm business managers.

1) Equity development: The transfer of equity from one farming generation to the next is a critical component in ensuring the success of farms into the future. NBYFF strives to explore and communicate about private and public funding opportunities that can provide much needed support for establishing young farmers.

2) Communication: Successful farm families and businesses are built on effective communications. NBYFF supports opportunities that encourage farm business meetings and the application of communication tools.

3) Business planning: Long-term, strategic business planning, including tracking and managing numbers, is essential for farm management success. NBYFF supportsmactivities that enable young farmers to measure and manage the progress of their farm businesses.

4) Technology integration and data management: Information is power. Young farmers can improve farm productivity and profitability using intensive data collection and management systems that track details on individual farm enterprises, livestock and crop production. NBYFF provides opportunities for young farmers to consistently upgrade their working knowledge of information technologies, and adopt management practices that optimize their use.

Board of Directors


Keenan Kavanaugh

Director Region 1

My name is Keenan Kavanaugh, I’m a 6th generation potato farmer from Grand Falls N.B. I’m a recent graduate from Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus with my Plant Science Degree. I’m also a new member of the New Brunswick Institute of Agrologist.


Emily Parker

Region 4 Director & Secretary

I grew up on a small horse farm in the small community of Doaktown along the Miramichi River. Despite not coming from a farming community, I’ve always had a strong interest in agriculture. After one year of studies at St. Thomas University I decided to go a different route and got a job on a dairy farm which led me to Dalhousie Agricultural College.


Carolyn Wilson


I was born and raised on a small beef and crop farm in West Branch NB. Although I currently teach high school full-time, I spend evenings and summers working with my husband at our business, The Brookside Butcher. I also serve as a director on the Canadian Young Farmers Forum.


Jerry Bos

Director at Large

Jerry is a dairy farmer near Salisbury, New Brunswick.


Jordan Crawford

Director Region 6

I'm a 6th generation farmer. We currently farm Christmas trees, grain crops and produce maple syrup. Agriculture is in my blood and I enjoy watching my hard work turn into something useful. I believe family farms are very important in the agriculture industry.


Brandon Goodine

Region 5 Director

I’m from Bear Island, NB and grew up on my families egg, dairy and beef operation. I am currently working full time as an Industrial Control Technician but enjoy staying involved with the family farm as much as possible. My Fiancé and I raise purebred Herefords, backyard Poultry and Pork as well.


Ellen Folkins

Director at Large

My name is Ellen Folkins and I’m so excited to be serving on the NBYFF board this year! I have been involved in agriculture my entire life. I grew up on my parent’s dairy farm just outside of Sussex and now I’m married to a dairy farmer who also lives just outside of Sussex. I completed my BSc Ag. Plant Science at Dalhousie University faculty of Agriculture in 2017 and began working for Brookdale Treeland Nurseries as a grower.


Ryan Wesselius

Director Region 3

Ryan is a dairy farmer from Petitcodiac, NB.